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107 Replies to “Eski kumarhane siteleri

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  2. I wouldve paid a swordsmith to make higher quality swords with way more durability with less price than buy those old swords.

    😅 we have much better tech now compare to back then.

  3. Nobody:

    Dana White: Accidentally buys $69k worth of samurai swords in a day

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  5. Well, I have best of best swords from Japan, Costs $1k, bought for $300/- after bargaining for 2 weeks (lucky); it’s razor sharp and can easily cuts 1” or more thick branches! Can bend 90 degrees. Why pay $30k or $70k when you are not using it and simply display it assuming it was used by a samurai in 1600’s! Lol.

    1. Its not assuming tho if you litsen they say its been traced back. They cant sell fake items

  6. Megutan sus gistorias y como asen las benta yo beor sus programas casi todos los dias.yo tengo 2 penny de estelyn estir.para vendelos.

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  8. Must be nice to be able to drop 69 grand just like that 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  9. 69 thousand on a couple swords?? Nice come up for the shop. And it must be nice 2 be able 2 just go and spend 69 thousand on a few swords..

  10. Wow! Glad I watched this. I have one from the 1500s, signed. WW II trophy. Maybe I should send a pic. to Mr. White if hes still shopping for samurai swords?

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  12. Bro i love this video so much I keep watching it over and over again

  13. 60k is chump change compared to Danas 1M bet on Askren V Paul.

    Also, 60k is probably how much I can make in 20 years if Im lucky

  14. He changed his tune real quick when he found out it was Dana White buying all the stuff LOL

  15. Its made in 1600 looks like its made yesterday 🤣🤣🥴 he says

  16. In this show Chumlee made a big mistake in my eyes and also I know because of John Lees mistake that Rick is a sale out but Chumlee make a mistake its obvious
    Rick did not want to sell the sword it took 2 years and he had a guy go to China and have the best people work on it now did that guy do it in vain because he did that for Rick not thinking that Rick will turn around and sell it I know I wouldnt go on a plane to China and have the goodest swords people work on something for somebody to just turn around and sell it for cash so are they all disrespecting the man that went to China I know he got paid but thats not the point

  17. It really annoys me the way they handle the katana only dama actually showed som sort of respect to it.

  18. The haggling with price is a joke. Dana could buy the pawn shop and burn it down for a laugh.

  19. Wait so did Rick sell him a different one instead of his, or a different one as well as his?

  20. Im confused. Did Rick sell him that last sword in place of the one he didnt want Chum to sell, or did he sell him an additional sword for another $9K?? 😂

  21. Here comes Dana again…..QUICK…..GO GET ANOTHER FAKE SWORD

  22. I watched this before n didn’t know that the guy was famous ovs I know now it’s Dana white lol

  23. If rick and dana start head fighting they can produce fire!

  24. Bro why did I clicked on the video thinking that was stone cold steve austin 🤣🤣🤣

  25. I hope that one day someone brings in a signed script from the Community TV show finale and Rick makes an offer thats insultingly low. The would-be seller then says This is an insult to the Community community.

  26. Casually spends more money than I’ve seen in my twenty years on this earth

  27. Thanx to Danafor not asking the price of the shop😂😂😂😂

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  29. Lol they argue over an 8-9 thousand difference pretending like Dana doesn’t have 500 million dollars.

  30. Dana acting like a couple k make a difference to him lol😂😂

    1. It adds up you know that right? Why would he keep overpaying for things when that money could go on something else.

    2. Dana has a nearly intact preserved sabretooth tiger in a display case at UFC HQ. Cost him over 200k for it. Hes got cash for days!

  31. Whyd you sell my sword: proceeds to sell him another sword

  32. I wanna point out Dana White paid $69,000 for swords.

  33. Why didnt Dana just buy the whole store he can easily afford it lol.

    1. Are u dumb wtf he gonna buy the whole shop

  34. But we all make mistakes and Chumlee is an a****** for that one for selling Richs sword that took them two years to make or whatever but work into it and but Chumlee has a lot more good moments than bad I guess but that was pretty f***** up

  35. What is someone wants the store how much for that 10,000,000,000 if you want it you take it.

  36. Meanwhile, my aunt is still looking for 17k to replace her knee

  37. They shouldn’t have put a new handle and case on it, surely it’s better original

  38. Funny how they dont need any experts when selling their stuff cause they have to take their word for it.

  39. Bruh why does Dana White need to negotiate a price for the sword he has $500 mill net worth bruh

  40. Dont tell me he went in there and spent exactly $69k by chance


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  42. “Japan” had that sword done in 2 weeks. When the rich steal from the rich priceless. 😂😂

  43. Seeing how Dana is with money he’ll find a way to flip this for even more cash

  44. Danas whale better . His risks are real bets which the casino isnt use to. Most people dont double down, split , or hold on low cards.

    1. Dana might need to tell the nelkaholics boys there trying cash in on Dana famousness.

  45. Dana should search for the japanese guy and ask him for the sword better than the pawnshop and got it for much cheaper cost just saying

  46. to be honest i would look for that family descendants and either return it or tell them that i have it , in a way get their blessing , i just dont feel like this is something that money could buy

  47. I have two US one cent…
    1- 1943 &
    1- 1943 D…
    How can i send the pictures.
    Do you have email. Tnx

  48. When you realize he paid 69 k for it…😳😂😂

  49. just googled that guys net worth… Yeah that purchase wont make him sweat lol

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  51. so he went from nope not selling to selling 2 Japanese swords lol

  52. He doesnt deserve this sword. He has no honor. Samurai spirit will exact a price.👻

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