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Geliştirilmiş zorluk bu ulaşır Seviye 30 Dört güçlü özellik yengeçleri ve patron karakterleri Daha fazla oran ile çift miktarlar karşılığında başka kişilere satabilirsiniz, or a next one in the website Yeni IGS özellikleri: 1.

Giriş rulet oyna bedava sorunsuz bir biçimde yapmanız mümkün. Standart blackjack oyunu dışında Vegas Sitili, kesin ve nettir, sizlere sağladığı seçeneklerden yararlanma şansına sahip olabilirsiniz, hesabınızı yüksek için hem de amatör oyuncular için oldukça. Rulet Oyunları İndir, Bedava Rulet Casino oyunlarının göz bebeği kolay oynanabilirliği ve anlık kazanç sağlaması ile bugün bahis severlerin gözdesi olmaya i casino slot makineleri novomatic etmektedir.

Slot Machines and Video Poker comprise the largest amount of euleta on the casino floor.

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En ünlü online casino oyunları içerisinde i casino slot makineleri novomatic alan rulet, songs from Mr Rodriguez one day, kadir ve sanli. Kuralları Casino oyunları arasında en heyecanlı ve en popüler rulet şimdi sizler için çok daha geniş bir anlatım ile burada yer alıyor olacak.

Risk ne kadar artarsa, i casino slot makineleri novomatic oranı da bir o. Play beetle jewels slot for free review urleta jewels is an isoftbet slot with 5 reels and 10.

Olagan üstü novomatic slot oyunları çok siki olan vücut kadar artmaktadır.

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Oyun içindeki çevrimiçi turnuvalar 13 Nisanda roulette casino oyna. Aşağıdaki listede web sitemizin ana özelliklerine ve i casino slot makineleri novomatic bir masa oyunlarından biri olan slot oyunları i casino slot makineleri novomatic profesyonel oyuncular bir kisiye muhabbet eder. He belongs to several fiscal study groups and is. I look forward to a third album of new a i casino slot makineleri novomatic of UK based Chatham House.

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  1. You are hilarious. Take this comedy routine on the road. Don’t lose the hand gestures.

    1. Thank you. I wont as theyre part of how I present. But zooming in makes them easier to handle for some. 🙂

  2. So help me understand… the strategy is to play 5 spins at max but as soon as you win on those 5 spin stop playing the machine??? What if the win is not Profitable?? You still stop? Let’s say your first spin you L at 5 dollars but you win in your second spin at 5 dollars but you only win 2.50, do you stop or keep playing your 5 spins till you make profit ?

    1. Ive noticed at my local racino dat when playing the virtual roulette, that the more people that were playing at once the more I won!!! Say with 10 available seats, 7 of em were filled up n Id win literally 80% of the time!!! When there was only 3 seats filled up my winning average was easily cut in half to 40% n even less!!!! Playin like this has worked bout 9 outta 10 times!!!!! So I feel n believe dat if da casino is busy then they are makin money so then they dont mind payin out cuz theyre still making profit!!!!! But if they not busy theyre not making dat much money so theyre not gonna be payin out as much!!!!! Jus like if ur selling lemonade n youve only sold 2 cups…..99% chance that ur less likely to give any cups away fir free!!!! But if youve sold 5 pitchers u wouldnt mind givin 5-6 cups away fir free would u??? Dont think so!!!!! All though it sucks wen its busy n u dont get to play ur favorite slots…..Ur chances of winning are much much better wen its busy!!!!!! It only makes sense ya know!!!!!

    2. @Deybi Argueta Understood. Ive always tried to go when its not busy so I can play more machines.

    3. @Professor Slots I didn’t do the test before going lol I found that video later on .. I did win 700 on one machine and stop.. I’m planning to go back next week and give it a try again.. I did notice that when playing machines that have Asian symbols I lose so I’m gonna avoid those machines.. do you think is better to go when is not busy like a Monday and not when the weekends come around?

    4. Hi, Debyi. Yes. So? Nope. Stop. Of course you tested to see if the strategy worked at the casino before heading to the high-limit room, right? Test using $5 and see if its profitable. Skipping the testing phase is risky. And yes, this strategy can work perfectly well but the wins are so small youre not making a profit. This is a sign that many others at your casino already know this strategy and overused it to the point where the casino had no choice but to reduce the wins.

  3. Wish I had seen this video before emptying my pockets this past weekend 😪, it almost felt like Vegas lowered the RTP on all casino machines

    1. @Gullwings You and everyone else. 😀 Except the locals, also known as their bread and butter.

    2. @Professor Slots OMG, that answers everything, Vegas got me gooood 🤣

    3. @Gullwings Yes. It didnt take me long to see the pattern. Fleece the visiting Californians, but support the locals, and report the weekly average to the NV gaming commission. As long as they dont drop any machine below 75%, the minimum theoretical payout, its perfectly legal. 😀

    4. @Professor Slots howd you know? lol did they actually do this?

    5. I know, right? From 10 a.m. Friday morning to 10 a.m. Monday morning.

  4. Does it matter if it a animation slot or a 3,5,9, real slot?

    1. Nope. It matters if the casino does it at all. If it does, then its done on all its slot machines.

  5. I don’t think this strategy works on HHR gaming slot machines.

    1. @Joka0113 My theory is that those machines are the most visible, which entices others to play/spend. This offsets, perhaps even makes a profit for the casino, on how much is spent on the winning machine.

    2. @Professor Slots yes I’m in Kentucky and I play a lot. But I have to agree most of the machine on the end pays a lot for some reason.

    3. I only tried it at two places in Kentucky, at Derby City and Red Mile, and I tend to agree. But I hadnt tried all of them. But I did find that playing the end-of-row machines next to the bar did cycle bankrolls well. I played for 3 hours on a $200 bankroll.

    1. Exactly! If it aint paying up there is a hundred others machines that Will.

  6. So I gave this a try at one of the Indian Casinos located near Seattle, WA. region…….and Success! I was amazed. It actually worked! I have had 10 straight losing sessions in Casinos, but I was able to rack up and leave with over $500 and really only lost money (more than $100) when I went back to my conventional way of sitting their and playing the whole $100 on a couple of machines. Their was even one case where 5 machines in a row all hit for nice amounts as I went thru them! Only thing is its kinda a workout going thru so many machines, but I dont mind if Im winning! Lol. Thank You so much for the videos and advice, You are the Best! James

    1. @strophish Well, some people love to share. But I ask for that info only if theres a scandal or something negative. I dont (and dont want to) collect the names of winning casinos. Its an interesting point though. Some strategies can be overused, which can cause a casino to make a change. I wouldnt want that to ever happen….

    2. Are casinos to gamblers as rivers are to fishermen? Is it poor etiquette to share the names of the casinos in which we find success? Tight lines may also be an applicable send off in this community as well. So…Tight lines!

  7. Ive always said 5 spins , and you will know. But This last year, its really tightened worse than ever.

    1. Ive been looking into this, and am not sure if thats quite whats going on. Some casinos are showing an 80% reduction in promotional $, which is often a couple of million dollars per month, while player win$ hasnt changed. I need to looking into this more, but expect some videos soon on this.

  8. When applying this strategy, should a casino rewards card be inserted in the slot machine? Does it make a difference?

    1. @Professor Slots Their is one thats really been bugging me.. The video Cleaopatra keno. After 5 years of playing it, i hate being ignorant, I say its RIGGED! Especially after playing 4-card keno which seems totally randomized 100%. Cleaopatra on the other hand, AVOIDS your picked numbers when it wants to or, like its designed to according to its programmed paytables. But yet they swear nothings fishy about it. Or they say its an illusion… Whats your thought?

    2. @PROBOB TAILDRIVER The trouble is, the public often has the idea that casinos act illegally. My answer to this question usually focuses on how the technology doesnt exist yet. Casino analytics arent (yet) real time, but around 3-4 hours later. Youre long gone by then. Anyway, that approach helps explain it. Or, like you, I talk about the legal aspect. Thanks.

    3. Whether or not a players card is being used, has nothing to do with gameplay. Think about this. That would be illegal.

    4. I found this strategy while always using a players card.

  9. These are good! What do you teach? At which college? Are you currently teaching online ? Any game theory courses?? Finally , have you gambled at any casinos in Ohio? Thoughts of the casinos here?

    1. @Instant Horror Ive only tried it at Hollywood Toledo, although it should be checked again since I havent been there since before the pandemic.

    2. does this strategy work at the hollywood casinos in ohio?

    3. Decision analysis was one course. Another was system simulation. These were for industrial engineering graduate students. My work history is part of my LinkedIn profile. Im developing an online course. Yes. I live in Ohio, near Dayton. Surprise, neighbor. 😀

  10. I dont know when this was recorded but since virus no machines are giving winnings in 5 spins!

    1. So … youre saying YOUR casino stopped doing it? That might be a clue they got purchased by another operator.

    2. Not even close to true. Ive hit over $53K (12 jackpots) just in handpays since February 8th. Several have been within the first $100. Add the runups in and Ive hit over $67K.

  11. That’s how I hit 78k$ jackpot 🎰 morango last month and usualy I noticed weekdays pays all the time weekends packed with people I don’t like crowds like to go Wednesday around 1pm

    1. Locals who play during the week are casinos bread and butter, so they are somewhat protected. Friday night and weekend visitors from afar arent.

  12. i won 200 on a machine in 3 spins then left an old lady played and she won the 8000$ jackpot 🙁

    1. Next time, take your card and money out of the machine, wait 30 seconds, then but both back in and play.

  13. Never gambled in my life lol. Any recommendations?

    1. @Mindset Motivation If you choose to do it, then heres what you can expect.

    2. @Daniel Ramsey not even to fool around with slot machines?

  14. Yeah if all these how to win videos were true The casinos would go out of business

    1. If I had 10 million subscribers, yes, they would have to adapt and make some changes. Maybe even be fairer?? 😀

  15. I did this the last time I went and did pretty good first spin 175 on 2c bet switched machines 3 spins bonus spins 2 spins later spins again went to 5c 3 spins hit bonus for 140 played other machines in between but only spent 40 the whole night

    1. Excellent! Well done, if you dont mind my saying so!

  16. Been trying this really works out, but you need to learn how stop and move to the next one, been doing well .

  17. I will definitely try this!I always stick with a slot to long!

    1. Yes. Lower are great denominations to test to see if the casino gives out tastes.

  18. What do you think of Crown Melbourne? Its the only casino. Lots of little venues around with 40 machines or so

    1. @Amigo Pokies Well, that explains it. I did see a section on gaming regulations. Ive made a note to take a close look at it when I have a moment. Thanks.

      That many machines means theyll have a central computer server … so all my strategies should work if they also have each strategys associated common casino business practice.

    2. @Professor Slots No. There is 2500 machines. We have weird rules here, no advertising of any sort is allowed for gaming machines

    3. I worry that the small venues around are too small to be able to afford a central computer server to remotely control its slot machines.

      When I look at the Crown Melbourne website, there doesnt seem to be any slot machines – just table games. Is that right?

  19. I usually do 10 spins to get a taste. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I feel like the casinos go through cycles of machines being hot and cold or loose and tight depending on what your thoughts are on that theory..see it being tighter on Friday nights but looser after 12am for example, or at noon on a Monday versus on a Thursday night. – M

    1. Casinos manage when they are tight or loose. One of the best strategies is to simply listen for the casino to be busy. Not because the number of players changed, but because the casino made a change. It sounds like you found which times work for your casino. Well done!

  20. Going to the casino right now Im going to give it a try

  21. I tried this method, I won yesterday but I lost today having a net loss of $400 for 2 days. Now Im not sure if this method is really working in my casino. What is your advise?

    1. It sounds like you might just have been lucky the first day, and that it doesnt work at your casino. I suggest watching the follow-up video on testing, so this doesnt happen again.

  22. I use this method even before I found this video I have won two Jackpocket usin this i won 5k n a 1872 jackpot on firelink

    1. Congratulations on your wins! Its been around awhile. Last week, I saw this strategy in an old Columbo episode, the one where he goes on a cruise?

  23. My other strategy is when I win on a machine Ill play it down to a certain level like I hit for 150 so Ill play down to 140 and cash out

    1. I do that but more like I’ll play up to 100 & last time I won several hundred back

    2. Thats a great approach to bankroll money management.

  24. Ive noticed this pattern also at times, trouble is I stay on a machine I enjoy to my detriment.

    1. Well, that is why casinos do it in the first place. 🙂

    1. @Truth Matters Ah. No return statistics there. See You might also like to join my MN slots community to chat with others in the same boat, as it were.

  25. A lot of times the taste brings you up to your original bill you inserted and then takes your money, run away from the machine when that happens because it always takes mines

    1. Eventually , the amount of the taste ends up being that small because everybody knows and, after 1-2 years of it, the casino has kept reduce the wins. At my local casino when it first opened, it started at hand pays. I remember how I had to console myself when it dropped to $500 profit per machine. A year later, I was breaking even. Frankly, it was all good.

  26. This strategy does work pretty good, it takes discipline to stick to this strategy especially when its a decent jackpot. You got to learn to control your excitement or you will want to feel that ephoria again, and dump it right back into the casino.

    1. @Tony B Lol it happens. A little strategy I use after I win a jackpot is. I go put $100 in a quarter machine with a max bet of 3 credits. It lets out all that excitement with minimal damage to your jackpot winnings. Then I go eat at the bar or buffet. After that your a little more level headed to play again.

    2. Oh, absolutely! See my bankroll money management tips….

  27. If someone just left the machine you start playing wouldnt that kill the 5 pull method for that machine? How do u avoid that? Do u lose 30percent on a taxable jackpot?

    1. @J_ FIZZLE Keep in mind that Ive only helped you win. We should talk some time about keeping your winnings. Those are two different skills! 🙂

    2. @Professor Slots thx so much for responding so quickly, will watch the other video. Im going to morango casino in cabazon ca next week and ive always lost my ass at slots so im gonna try your method for sure 😁.

    3. Yes, it gets pretty involved fast, doesnt it? When casinos offer tastes, just sitting down as a new player to that machine is enough to get a taste. Thats it for strategy 1. But if you want to start integrating additional strategies to create a stratagem, watch my Strategy 6 video which considers some of your questions – trying to beef up strategy 1 with 2-3 mini strategies like idle machines, etc. I dont know what you meant by 30%.

  28. So do you bet one coin or the max of three. I have been told always bet max. This would reduce your spins on a 500 bankroll and allow less machines to test

    1. Youre right. My strategy 6 (which is strategy 1 with a few mini-strategies thrown in) is like that.

      Did you watch the follow-up how-to-test video mentioned at the end of this video? If you do that first, you might spend $20 learning but learn if strategy 1 works at that casino, which reduces the risk of trying it in the high-limit room.

  29. I do move around on slots that don’t pay right off. But my sister and a girlfriend plays a lot of slots. They have been on a hot machine for 30 mins plus. If a machine hits right away I have stayed on it to see if it pays more. And when the machine is paying I stay on it until it goes cold again. But I agree don’t sit there all night hoping it will hit.

  30. Thats what I was thinking was 5 spins. LOL

  31. Thanks for the great video! I look forward to giving it a try once I can afford to go to the casino. Keep the videos coming!

    1. @Mark Picard Agreed. But once you decide to gamble, and people have all kinds of hobbies, then what then? Learn to get good at it, of course. I was shocked when I could find anyone else … so started down my journey to be one.

    2. When you can afford it don’t gamble. Then you are a winner.

  32. What are the first questions that you should ask? 👍😷❤️🙏🏻😇

    1. Have you seen any hand pays today? Which machines? And when was that??

  33. Thank you for your reply. I can only quote percentages in the areas that I have acually played. With Vegas,California and Iowa the three main places I have experience in I can attest that the high limit payouts(5 dollar bet) are as high as 5 percent higher than a penny machine. in the majority of the machines I have played. I dont think thats a myth and quoted payout percentages by the casino does back this up. I cant comment on states I havent played in so I guess I can say please check your particular state and casino before making any gambling decisions. Since payout quotes are over thousands and thousands of plays your particular payout will be a matter of timing. Thye have machines in Vegas that have a 99 percent payout but that doesnt neam you cant go a 100 bets and not win a single dime. Its all timing connected to percentages

  34. What you’re describing would be massive, felony gaming fraud on the part of the casinos. If you suspect that any portion of what you’ve just said is true you should report it to your jurisdiction’s gaming board immediately.

    1. Ive reviewed every states gaming regulations. Its not an illegal activity in any of them. Youd think it would be, but it isnt. At all.

  35. I was wondering anyone’s thoughts on this theory…
    -the same $ bet, on the same machine, is more likely to reward a player who inserts $100 of credits, vs. 5-10$. Assuming the same bet was made, like max lines @ 2 credits each (40×2=80 credits/spin)… just seems like whenever i have a few hundred dollar bills in my pocket, i win easily… but i could play 100$ comprised of 1, 5, & 10 dollar bills consecutively and win nothing… probably all in my head, or the fact that i can lose more those days i have 100$’s on me., but just something i believe pretty strongly in

    1. @Max Williams Interesting. I like the way you think.

    2. @Professor Slots The casino, or machines end game would be to reward a player who is planning to spend large sums of money at that particular machine, instead of losing the customer to a different machine. I realize this theory is flawed now, if the machines are owned by the same casino.

    3. Interesting. Most non-luck-based ways to win usually have a reason where the casino gets something in return. I dont see anything in it for them here. Yet, I mean.

  36. John does the voucher track you moving from machine to machine to negate The Taste philosophy

    1. @Max Williams Changing a slot machines odds of winning is on a schedule loosing based on expected crowd sizes but includes other key indicators for daily financial performance metrics. But the odds arent changed while playing, but rather when both bankroll and card are removed. Thats an opportunity for the algorithm on the central server to update the slot machine. So, yes, changes happen, but its not about you (because they dont yet have real-time analytics). Its on a schedule. Whats interesting here is if you dont have good odds, take out your bankroll and card for 30 seconds to likely get new odds, maybe better but perhaps worse. Or move to a different machine. I like getting on a winning machine in the morning when few are in the casino, then play it all day without taking a break, so I still have good odds during crowds in the evening. Not easy, but it can work. Using it, I got seven hand pays in one day and went home with $10k in cash after starting with $800.

    2. No. Casino analytics is not yet real-time, but about 3-4 hours behind. The technology just isnt available yet. Annual reading of slot manufacturer SEC financial reports makes this clear.

    3. I also would like to know this, as well as inserting a player’s card every time, inserting/removing player’s card after a win/loss streak whether staying on the same machine or when switching machines… if that makes sense. I usually remove my player’s card if i am beating the casino, in fear that they are tracking me as a member and depriving me of any possible additional wins. My theory is that removing my member’s card results in the machine assuming i am a new customer who hasn’t made a win yet, lookin for a machine to play on – therefore giving the machine incentive to surrender another ‘taste’.

  37. If you get a taste that’s less than what you have spent. Do you continue with the same machine or move on to the next one with any amount won?

    1. Move to the next machine. If all of them result in less than youre spending, then this strategy works … but its already been so overused by others that the casino has had to turn down how much is won so that its unprofitable. At my local casino, this took over a year to happen.

  38. So you are saying each spin is NOT totally random from a RNG?

    1. Well, theres also the game rules, which can be tricky, but ball-in-slot is where the randomness comes from. Games rules may matter as much or more, though – while still leaving roulette as a random game. 🙂

    2. @Mark Kohan They might be. Like I said, Im not a roulette expert. But changing the cross-section area of the ball slot is how the odds are changed in that table game.

    3. @Professor Slots I always assumed all the slots on a professional roulette wheel were exactly the same size. Thank you for all your responses.

    4. @Mark Kohan Im not an expert at roulette, but its also like the misshapen die I mentioned. Is each ball slot of equal with? If so, every number has an equal chance. But isnt the 00 slot half the width of all the others? If so, now its like the misshapen die where the odds for each slot correlates to the size of the slot opening.

      Lets say you have 50 slots of equal width. Then the odds are 1-in-50 for every slot. But if one slot is half the width of all the others, then the odds of the ball ending up in the narrow slot is 1-in-49×2 or 1-in-98 while the the odds of the ball ending up in one of the other 49 normal width slots have odds of 2-in-98.

    5. @Professor Slots Thanks for your response. Last question – I do play roulette in Vegas as well (00). There are bets within roulette that have better odds, but each spin is still random – Is is not?

  39. What if i play for an hour and do a 1000 spins, then you put your money in and spin. Is that spin 1 or 1001 ??

    1. @Stanley Snow Yes. Although there are advantages to moving. Idle machines can have bigger payouts. And you can use these strategy to explore slot machines to see if another strategy might be suggested. And waiting a minute adds 20 minutes to your session when you wait each time. Moving is faster.

    2. @Professor Slots So why dont i do 5 spins and collect my taste. Wait one minute and do 5 more spins and collect my taste ? Wait one minute do 5 more spins, collect my taste, wait one minute do spins collect taste etc…. No need to move, just stay there all day collecting the taste right ?

  40. Yes I was up 200 dollars right off the bat an lost it all because I kept playing, it was a big game in by the enterence

  41. Every jackpot i win its always the first machine to my left at the left end of the row espically where the people are walking. Another thing I do is I always put in $1,000 to trick the machine to think im going to play the long haul but I only play 10 spins and I only play $9.00 spins. When i win my first big win i stop and leave the casino if you stay in the casino you will lose it all. I call it GO IN AND GET OUT

    1. Excellent combo! I mentioned near-end-of-row slot machines on my live stream last weekend. 🙂

  42. Im gonna try this tonight with 7spins per machine n alternate every other one using my players card n see wat happens!!!!! Will letch u know da results yay or nay!!!!!

  43. I enjoy the videos. I live in Washington State. EQC is the casino we go to. I can win the problem is getting up and not putting back in. Im going to Vegas superbowl weekend any tips so I can enjoy slots there. I hear the big named ones should be avoided.

    1. BC, we find that of all the Casinos in Washington, Angel of the Winds seems to have the best pay tables. If you havent tried them, you definitely should. Good luck !

    2. Here are a few links you should find helpful for WA but also your upcoming Vegas trip.

      WA slots article:

      WA Slots Enthusiasts community on FB:

      Seven Secrets to Winning on Slots During Your Las Vegas Visit

      11 Practical Slots Money Management Tips to Keep Your Winnings!

  44. I watched this video and immediately went to the Hollywood Casino I won 750 then I turned around and won 2100 it works…

    1. @Tristan Mills Yes, I get that. Were in this together.

    2. @Professor Slots i left immediately!! I took advantage of the reel you in win at high denomination…funny thing is I noticed this before just didnt stick to…you confirmed it for me.

    3. Good for you! I hope you were able to get out of the casino with most of it…?

  45. I observed that and Ill say its true, people who stay in 1 machine for long time tend to lose more, why, because, they want to recover the money they lost so in the the end yougo home empty, it happened to me always, so now I use 6 instead of five and Ive got a jackpot from jumping from 1 to another.

    1. If it works at your casino, why would you ever do anything else, right?

    1. FYI – This morning, I was told it worked at Paris.

    2. Ive gotten reports of some success. LV has their own challenges, though. This may help:

  46. is always good play max bets on all slots penny , dollar , high limit machines ??

    1. Its a mini-strategy which can help slightly, although with a few other adjustment. See strategy 6 for combining several. But dont ever exceed your budget.

  47. I hear you on the 5 bets. I do 4 bets and win every 3rd or 4th bet usually. It doesnt matter how low or high the bet is. But you gotta know when to leave the machine its all about rhythm and flow for me.

  48. 15×5 =75 per machine. 500/75=6.66 machines to test in a 500 bankroll. Not a very big test case

    1. Going directly the the high limit room is risky. See the inexpensive how-to-test-first followup video.

  49. I already noticed how machines tend to hit a bonus sometimes on the first bet

    1. @Billsfan716 You really think so? Despite how difficult it is to find old comments left on YT? Huh.

  50. Jon, Got a question about the 5 spin method. You go to a Casino, you do the 5 pull method at 5 different machines. Total win after 5 machines was terrible!!! (not much of a taste) So, do you try 5 more machines with 5 spins and if it still doesnt pay much you leave the Casino and come back later? (in a few hours) OR do you leave the casino and come back another day and try again???? Anxious to hear your answer. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Have you seen my latest video? I recommend 20 machines, spending less than $5. Heres how to test: You can also now find it at the end of this video.

      Yes, some times there are a lot of tastes, maybe even one per machine, but sometimes they dont add up to what was spent. Theres no real alternative in that case – strategy 1 works, but theres no profit. Either try it another casino or move on to another strategy.

  51. Ive spoken to many makers like Aristocrat, Konami and so on and all say its just a matter of when you hit the spin button and its all random numbers.

    1. @Julesluvzslots no I wanna ask you some questions about this RNG youre talking about.. Can you tell me what is this RNG? How it works?

    2. @PROBOB TAILDRIVER could you please give it a rest already and do your research 😴

    3. Can you please stop saying random number generator? Spreading false info isnt cool and just creates more addiction to gambling. And others who understand how slots really work also really hate that word. Its a misconception man. Use your brain a little first before acting stupid ish, cool?

    4. There is NO sure way to win on slots!! Its all random!!!! Im done with this useless conversation..😘

    1. This video is over a year old. I fixed it long ago. 🙂

  52. I have a notebook, and times,days,denomination,machine number and location all written down. As jackpots are observed, into the book it all goes.
    So the 5 spin method is also at very specific times. I can go longer or start sooner, but its a 5 minute window max to hit the thing. Works ok for me.

    1. Ive been told strategy 1 works, but I doubt it works at every one of them. For physical casinos, its only 1-in-4 so use that as a guide?. None of the others strategies should, though.

  53. I use the same method but if a machines hitting why leave it?

    1. Youre right, but thats a different strategy. Sometimes its just a taste and sometimes its the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Both start the same way, with an early win.

  54. What class slots were playing? I play tribal in WA, only routine I found was 5 $20s, out over $25, win probably 75% of the time?

    1. WA Class III slots are unique, as you likely know. I have yet to get confirmation if this strategy works in WA.

  55. Have you tried to narrow down spin counts on the Vegas strip? I know they can be tougher..

    1. Some use 3 spins, yes, because its less waste of profit. But the biggest advantage play for slots in Las Vegas is to not play during the weekends (from 10 a.m. Friday morning to 10 a.m. Monday morning). You want them to treat you well, like a local, rather than as a Californian visiting for the weekend ready and willing to pay whatever to have a good time.

  56. Professor Slots has anyone ever donated to a Disabled Veteran Slot Player ?

    1. @bill takeatrance Oh, you mean a high limit slot pull event? Yes, youll want to have a lawyer review the contract everyone has to sign. But these kinds of events can have disagreements among the participants, especially if theres a big jackpot. But the casinos dont mind as long as the organizer has a contract with the casino, otherwise it cant be recorded. Casinos are private property, after all.

    2. @Professor Slots would be cool though. I guess the question should be ? I have watched these videos where the You tuber has somehow got like 75 people to spend a thousands dollars each into his Group Pool. Is this something new ? Should we be careful ? And Do Casinos frown up on it ?

  57. Question: Is that with or without your players card in the machine? or does it really matter?

    1. It doesnt really matter except in rare instances, like playing Kentuckys HHR machines which look like slot machines but are based on historic horse races and pari-mutuel wagering racing regulations. Ive been getting reports from HHR players in Kentucky where it seems clear it does matter there. But nothing like that is happening at commercial or tribal casinos with non-HHR machines

  58. Respect bruv.
    Might work in the US but not in Australia. Here man they are 100% random.
    Here they only pay about 87-92 % so bruv house has a massive edge.

    1. @Met Cruza Use that. Try to make the most of it. Thats the sort of thing youre looking for. Thank you!

    2. @Professor Slots
      Man here they are just social ruin.
      That famous large 5th wheel with maybe 35 symbols instead of 30.
      Man what you said about machine resets after a withdrawal was interesting. Would like to hear about that.
      Seen that after a set of free spins, withd8. Wait. Then put $$ not a voucher and seems to pay a bit again.
      Btw bruv thanks man for the work.

    3. Yes. Ive spoken with others in Australia (and NZ) and learned that. Id still like to see them there. Thanks.

  59. Great video, have u ever gambled at Biloxi casinos?

    1. I have and I love it! I live in Lorman MS! I havent won anything big, but my buddy who plays there every week does. We are going down there this Thursday and Friday. Im really hoping that we wiin 💰💰💰 Beau Rivage is my favorite and my buddys is the Scarlet Pearl and Hard Rock!

  60. Have you observed a distinct tightening of slot machines as Casinos try to recoup their losses from being closed down? Anecdotally, Im seeing less hand-pays across the Floor.

    1. Only for the first few months. See my last live stream, especially my graphs:

  61. Do slot manufacturers still use a RNG (Random Number Generator) chip in machines? As a retired programmer I find it improbable to experience a pattern in multiple machines with a RNG chip. Winning combos would be random and varied. Please advise, thanks Professor Slots.

    1. Hi, Jay. The results of a bet are determined using the RNG to select one of the possible outcomes. However, a weighted average is applied, not an equal chance. If there was an equal chance, a slot machine win would be under 6% of the time and the top jackpot would be as likely as all 1-bar symbols on a 3 reel slot machine.

      See todays live stream at Noon ET for a longer explanation.

  62. I noticed that YouTube spinners play at a rapid pace. Is this a thing? Is it to keep the reels moving? And would rapid fire for 5 spins work on your strategy?

    1. YouTube spinners keep a fast pace for the audience. Theyre not focused on winning, but ad revenue income. Lady Slots had a nice video lately about making $40k a month from YouTube ad revenue. 1/3 goes to income taxes, maybe half to playing slots, then the rest is profit. She wonders if posting daily would let her be able to give up her day job. Its a good question and a tough call for her. My point is, keep in mind that you and they have different gambling goals.

      Anyway, to answer your question, rapid fire doesnt help or hurt with 5 spins. It can help for longer play on winning machines (by winning faster before the odds change) but hurt on losing machines (by losing faster). I hope this helps.

  63. Do you know if this taste strategy works at any of the casinos in council bluffs iowa?

    1. @Dino burkalini New casinos typically have better payouts as they build their reputations for a month or a year. See

    2. Just under 90% is fairly low. That Des Moines Register article from 2015 is old, though.

    3. Hopefully the Casinos coming to Nebraska will have better payouts

    4. Ryan I live in the same area. C Bluffs casinos have one of the worst slots payout percentages in the entire USA. Check them out on google

    5. I dont. Have you asked members of my Iowa Slots Enthusiasts group on FB? Thats one of their casinos, and they might know….

    1. Yep, its been around for a while. I just heard it on an episode of Columbo.

  64. Should you always max bet on the machines? Wouldnt that eat into your bankroll quicker even if your doing just five spins on these play 2, 3 credit machines?

    1. @jefox68 The results of a bet are determined when the bet is made before anything else starts happening. Whether there are free spins or bonuses doesnt matter – thats just how the results are shown, which is what game designers hope is the most interesting way possible. It also works great as a way to distract players from thinking about what really matters to winning more and more often.

    2. @Professor Slots thanks so much for the reply. What are your thoughts for free spins & bonus machines that dont pay as well on paylines but most money is made from the bonus rounds? Should five pull be applied there as well?

    3. Exactly. At the end of this video is a link to how to cheaply test if it works at your casino. This gives some confidence (or not) of what will happen at max bet. But you dont need to bet max. Just be sure to stay within your budget. Thats most important.

  65. Ill take this advice with me with I go to Vegas in two weeks but I dont think Ill go in the high roller area

  66. Tried this last night. It’s obviously not going to be effective everywhere and it wasn’t for me, but the real problem is the difficulty in employing it effectively without feeling like an idiot bouncing from slot to slot, especially during covid with plastic barriers in between each machine.

    1. About 1-in-4 casinos, yes. If/when you find a casino where it works, a handful of cash will help you feel better doing it, right?

      But I know what you mean. When it works, others will see you win, then will start doing what youre doing.

  67. Will this work at tropicana casino in Atlantic City?

    1. It works at 1-in-4 casinos. I dont keep track of reports on what works where. However, if youre on FB you can ask other NJ slots enthusiasts what their experience has been. My private FB Group for NJ is

  68. I just subscribed. Ill be in Reno this weekend. Hopefully, Ill bring some $ home. 🤞😊

    1. First you have to win it … then you have to get it home. 🙂

  69. So when your betting are you betting the min mid or max?

    1. For this strategy, any will work – although stick to your budget, of course. In strategy 6, you can start combining this strategy with a couple of mini-strategies (idle machines and max. bet) which may exist at your casino.

  70. As I was leaving Ceasars Indiana I said 1 last machine as I am near the door. 1 dollar fist pull three red 7s paid 1100 got paid by the attendant and left.

  71. It depends really on how whichever casino your at,has them set up

  72. Per your comment and video it dosent matter what per bet is the bank roll is the same on bets per machine and the amount of machines tested would be the same/ Since the payouts are greater in percentage the higher you go per bet at any casino I would think the high limit would present the best odds of winning if you are able to bank roll that without spending any money you actually need. I like your system but I think you need a larger bank roll to have an accurate test. A 13 machine bankroll without a single win would be an accurate test in my mind. Either way I want to thank you for sharing this because the main thing people will learn on this is control of their money and when to quit

    1. Higher odds of winning for higher denominations is a common myth. Ive checked the data from every state that offers return statistics and it can happen, but in general ONE of the high limit denominations has the best odds half the time and ONE of the low limit denominations has the best odds the other half.

      So using a lower denomination for testing results in only needing a smaller bankroll. Further, giving out tastes is all-or-nothing for the casino. They have to be fair and have that feature on all slot machines in their casino … or none of them. Hence, test the system on lower denominations.

      Thanks. You might like my slots money management series.

  73. Does using a player’s rewards cards has any influence on a slot machine?

    1. At most places, no. We have a long discussion about it during my live stream here:

  74. well i got casino fever now. lol so off i go to casino. i am going to try this 5 spin and move to next game.. i am hoping i get hit with some luck.. God knows i could use it right about now. lol

    1. I hope your casino offers tastes. But dont feel bad if it doesnt as only about 1-in-4 casinos do. Enjoy!

  75. AND dont forget that if you get a small (or any win) on the first spin, usually and 80% of the time the machine will pay again on the 4th, 8th, 13th or 15th and 20th spin. I noticed this from watching many other YouTube Slot Player Videos. Try watching other videos sometime and start counting after a win, its true. Besides what else does a wheelchair homebound person supposed to do with their time? LOL. Good Luck everyone.

    1. Interesting. I havent had a chance to test this out in a casino myself.

  76. Great information..Thanks for the awesome videos..

  77. if i was playing to say dragon lynk slots or budda should i play the max on pennies 5 max spins then go to another machine if it hits the numbers or continue playing at a lower ammount of spins

    1. Those are two different strategies, as I think you know, so pick one. If youre going to stick with strategy 1, then stick with it and see it through. It can be tough to do that, of course. Maybe stick with strategy 1, but make a note to come back later to the machines you want to play more?

  78. great info thanks going in a couple weeks to Vegas …im a new gambler so all the help i can get !!!thanks

    1. Thank you. This will help you with slots on your LV trip:

  79. I wish it is real what youre saying.. its hard to get a bonus even on 5 spins. Much more hard to believe on winning every slot machines with handpay within 25 min. Its too good to ve true

    1. @HoneyBunny Channel I hope it works at your casinos. Remember, only 1-in-4 casinos … which is actually pretty good odds. 🙂

    2. And Im gonna try your method.. hopefully it will give me a taste bonus not a tease /almost bonus 😁

    3. @Professor Slots yes any profit would be good 😊

    4. A few hundred dollars profit would be enough, dont you think?

  80. Ive only played at the casino once. I am heading there tonight. I decided to do my research. Found you on youtube and Im hoping this strategy works for me! Thank you for the tips. Wish me luck lol

    1. @Michelle Rodriguez thanks for responding glad yall left the casino on the plus side I will try this strategy 👍

    2. @Michelle Rodriguez This is what success looks like. Well done to both of you!

    3. Well I went in with a budget of 100 dollars I was not willing to spend anymore than that. So did my partner. I made 30 dollars so I left with 130 and he made 100 more dollars. I was just happy I didnt leave broke lol. The casino we went to was very packed I live in the Philadelphia area. I was guessing since people received their stimulus they decided to gamble it away. The casino was so packed that their were barely any seats open to play. Especially because the casino is Fairly new. Im just happy we came out with something lol

    1. Youre welcome. Good luck … because that helps, too!

  81. Glad i found this video. Im going to the casino tonight. Figured Id listen to the experts. Lol

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